Addendum to Academic blog assignment

Many people mentioned they had trouble finding academic blogs and listservs related to their field / topic — I didn’t realize that so many of the Voice of the Shuttle links would be outdated! It’s an emerging genre, of course, and so it will take time for the field to assimilate and index it. And many of these resources are rather inherently ephemeral.

I did find a few sites that are attempting to index academic blogs, though, so here are links to those. ( had no useful information that I could see.) Unfortunately there’s not usually much information about these blogs given; they’re just lists of arcane, enigmatic, pseudonymous titles. The one at the Chronicle seems to be the best, but that one emphasizes blogs that are about the academic profession rather than about intellectual issues. You’ll find that there’s a lot of overlap between the professional and the personal and the intellectual on scholarly blogs, though! Which is why some of them are anonymously authored.


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